Saturday, May 18, 2013

Got this today to make perfect portion sizes pancakes!!

My Husband found this at CVS lol! We are so excited to use it. Well at least I am!! I usually don't make pancakes and things like that because I feel like if I don't make them even then I'm not getting a true calorie count or point value for them. Soon I'm going to make perfectly Portioned out pancakes and maybe throw some fruit in them. I will post once make them and show you all how they turned out!!

Favorite Filling Foods on Weight Watchers!!

So far I've lost 95 pounds on Weight Watchers Points Plus in 8 little Months!!! See my Favorite everyday Foods I eat on Weight Watchers and some of my favorite foods!!

Note: The crabcakes cook for 26 minutes if they are frozen

Shopping List:
Light and Fit Greek Yogurt 80 Calories - 2 Points
Smart Ones Angel Hair Pasta - 5 Points
Vitatops -Deep Chocolate - 100 Calories - 3 Points
Vitacake Fudgy Chocolate - 50 Calories - 1 Point
Vitatop -Apple Crumb - 100 Calories - 3 Points
Doritos/Cheetos - Portioned Bags only! 150 to 160 Calories - 4 Points per bag
Morningstar Farms Grillers Vegan Burger- 2 Points
Kelloggs Fiber Plus Bars - 3 Points
Handy Crab Cakes (got at BJ's) 170 Calories - 5 Delicious Points
Trader Joes Mashed Potatoes - 3 Points