Monday, March 14, 2016

Having a tough day staying on plan?

Motivation - Read Daily!!!

  1. I will be successful today and stay on track
  1. I will not let anyone tempt me into eating anything I don't want to eat 
  1. I will drink my water today
  1. I will make wise decisions when eating out 
  1. I will not let temptation win!
  1. I love myself and I want to look and feel good about myself
  1. I want to be healthier 
  1. I CAN have the body I've always wanted 
  1. I want to feel comfortable in my clothes 
  1. I will wear the cute clothes I've always wanted to wear 
  1. I want to live longer 
  1. I will get in some type of exercise even if it's 5 minutes (unless restricted by Dr)
  1. I want to be an example to the people around me and to my children. 
  1. I will go to bed tonight happy that I made it through the day successfully!