Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pizza Fit & FREE are FULLY back in STOCK!!!!

Good NEWS!!! Pizza Fit & Free Pizzas are FULLY back in stock!!!


I'm completely OBSESSED with these! I can have my pizza with No guilt!!

The Vitamins I take Daily!

These are the two Vitamins I take daily. The Woman's one are AMAZING and have all your regular vitamins plus powdered organic vegetables. They also have probiotics that help with digestion. These are the only Vitamins I've been able to take on an empty stomach and not get nauseous. They are also high in folate. According to studies people who had anxiety had low folate levels.
This bottle will last you for MONTHS! The discount is half off. They are normally over $45.

These are the Omega 3 Vitamins I talked about in my most recent Video. As an added Benefit they have 1000 Milligrams of Vitamin D which is very important. Studies have shown people without enough Vitamin D are prone to depression among other things. As we know there are a million health benefits to taking the Omega's. I chose these because they are Lemon flavored so you never taste any fishy taste... Love these and they are only $8! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

15% off on Vitatops! There is also a discount on the Golden Corn which I forgot to put in my last order! 1 Cup of my Chili Recipe on top of these is amazing!

I forgot to add these to my last order! These are so good topped with one Cup of my Chili recipe!!!


You Can Lose Weight Eating Muffins?

                                                                    CHILI RECIPE!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's REFOCUS and get prepared to LOOK and FEEL FABULOUS this Holiday Season!

     Believe it or not the Holidays are right around the corner! 
  Let's plan to look and Feel FABULOUS this Holiday Season!

    Have you ever received an invitation to a Holiday Party and immediately you thought "Oh no... I wish I had started losing weight months ago!!" This has happened to me so many times I can't even count.  

   In the past I would either find something that "fit" even if I didn't like it and suffered through the party feeling gross and fat or I just wouldn't go at all. 
    With that being said... it's time to refocus and let's NOT let that happen to us this year! YOU do have the ability to control this and celebrate the Holidays feeling amazing! 

Here's a few things to start with:

     -Start shopping online for that "little black dress" in a smaller size. (you can be in a smaller size or two by then)

     -Write a gift list of things you want in smaller sizes
     -Buy a pair of adorable pajamas (in a smaller size) for the night before to wear on the Holiday morning (Christmas Eve, Hanukkah etc) 

    - Take a "now" full body picture even if you've already lost weight and you can see your progress in the next few months. 

    - Let's plan on posting pictures looking fabulous this Holiday season! I will Post a date for us to do this close to the Holidays! 

                                     YOU CAN DO IT!!

For all of you that are struggling and have had a few days off track... Get back on track RIGHT NOW! In a few days your self esteem will grow and you will feel empowered. 

     Go grocery shopping and stock up on filling healthy foods! 
We can do this TOGETHER and I can't wait to see pictures of you all ! 

**Comment below if you are on board!