Friday, March 14, 2014

Recipe!! Weight Watcher Friendly Snickers Bar Pie! 4 Points per Huge Slice!

1 Container Fat Free Cool Whip
4 Sheets Low Fat Graham Crackers
2 Tablespoons Smuckers Sugar Free Hot Fudge Topping
2 Tablespoons Smuckers Sugar Free Caramel Topping
2 Fun Size Snickers Bars
8 x 8 Dish

Place the Four Sheets of Graham crackers on the bottom of your dish
Add the entire container of Fat Free Cool Whip and smooth out evenly
Drizzle Fudge and Caramel all over the top
Crush snickers bars in a ziplock bag (use a meat pounder or anything you have)
Sprinkle the Snickers bar pieces all over the top!
Put in Freezer for 2 to 3 Hours (or overnight)
Cut into 6 huge Slices
Each Slice is only 4 Weight Watcher Points Plus!
(Store in Freezer)

New Recipe! Weight Watchers Friendly - Snickers Bar Pie! 4 Points Plus!

Staying on your Weight Loss Plan....

WW - What's for Dessert? Sharing tonight's AMAZING Dessert!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick & Easy HUGE Snack! Only 3 Weight Watcher Points! (using the COCO L...

Weight Loss Motivation...... Every Day Counts!

    Every Day Counts! Even if the image in the mirror doesn't look any different! Your body is changing and you are learning to eat according to what your body needs instead of what you "want". The image in the mirror is not going to change over night... but every day is a day that ensures that that image will change soon enough... 

   In a previous Youtube video I had talked about this.... Have you ever driven by a torn down house and said "oh wow.. what  a mess!" Then a few weeks later you pass by that same house again and say "oh... they put some walls up.. it looks a little bit better... and then a month or two goes by and that house has been fully renovated and it absolutely GORGEOUS and you say WOW!! I can't believe that house once looked like it did! 

  It's the same thing with Weight Loss... at first it takes a few weeks to truly notice.. and then all of the sudden some family members will notice... a little while longer others will notice and that image in the mirror is changing along with your jean size... JUST KEEP GOING and remember that every day counts!!

 Here is the Youtube Video where I talk about how to Visualize yourself when looking in the mirror. You CAN be successful!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Motivation!! You CAN Get through Today!!

Here is an excellent food scale for those of you that had asked about a suggestion on a food scale.

This Food Scale is only $20 and I love it because you can easily put the food right on the glass and simply wash the glass off. It also measures in ounces and grams. 

The Biggest Loser 3831BL Digital Food Scale

The Biggest Loser 3831BL Digital Food Scale
Keep track of your portions with this handy digital food scale. The sleek design fits in with any kitchen, while the digital display reads in either ounces or grams. From The Biggest Loser.