Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Have you Pampered yourself lately? Here are some of my favorite beauty & relaxation products! Do simple things to boost self esteem!

Have you pampered yourself lately? Plan on it! It's so important to boost self esteem!  Here are some of my absolute favorite makeup & relaxation products. Enjoy! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pamper yourself while losing Weight - Simply ways to Boost Self Esteem!

Pampering yourself to boost Self Esteem! Some of my favorite Beauty Products!

Please watch My Pampering Youtube Video! It's critical to boost self esteem!

The Weight Watchers Scale I have used for over 4 years - If you are looking for a good scale this one is excellent!

 For those of you who have written to me and asked about what scale I use at home this is the one. This scale is very reliable, I bought this same scale at least 4 years ago and still use it now. 

   It is always accurate and it keeps a log of my previous weigh ins. It also has a 350 pound capacity which I needed because I started over 300 Pounds.
 I have weighed myself on this scale and then gone in to a Weight Watchers meeting and my weight is almost the same as theirs. This is a digital scale so you just tap it and jump on. They are cheapest on Amazon and I will provide a link below in case you want to take a look.