Monday, May 6, 2013

What can you eat at Wawa and stay on your Weight Watchers plan? Watch to find out!

I decided to do this Video because there are so many people on the run getting hungry while shopping, doing errands ect and end up making bad choices and sitting in a drive-thru waiting to pick up cheeseburger and fries! There are things that you can find at almost any fast food place but one of by favorites is WAWA!! I usually get a Turkey Hoagie (Whole Wheat Shortie Size) with Lettuce,Cucumbers, Pickles, Tomato, Pepper, and Oregano. I skip the mayonnaise becuase I think it's too many points. I add my own when I get home or if I'm in the car I usually just put Mustard on it. I also skip the cheese. Cheese it like 100 calories extra and honestly I never really taste mine... So why use it ?  So next time your running errands and your hungry stop at Wawa.. They also have a low point/low calorie crab soup that is YUMMY.
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