Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weight Loss Tip #7 - Don't Deprive yourself!! No.. I mean it!!

Have you ever started a diet before and after a few days or even a week your sick of the taste of "rice cakes" or whatever the diet food that you are eating is? Have you ever done a chocolate shake fast and only drank these delicious creamy shakes until you hate chocolate? These quick and fast weight loss ideas are usually only temporary.  I have done these type of quick fixes before and ended up eating the whole house when I was done!! To lose weight you have to make your program work for you!  For example, if you're craving a cheeseburger from your favorite restaurant, have it... Just make sure that you find out the calorie information or Weight Watcher points for it and plan for it! If your allowed say 28 points per day and your cheeseburger is 14 points eat lower calorie meals at your other meals so you can still stay within your points for the day. Once you do this a few times you will see that you can still eat your favorite foods not depriving yourself and still losing weight!! 
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