Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Frustrated With the Scale? Three Simple Tips to END Frustration with the Scale before a Weigh in!

Tip #1 - Have you tracked everything? Did you track that one fry you ate and the one bite of ice-cream? If I have one bite of something I count it as 1 Point. That way I'm always tracking everything and all is not lost if I have a bite of something. If I'm out to dinner and I make the best choice that I can on the menu but I don't know what the points are I take a picture of my meal so I can do the math on the points later. If you have a cell phone which most of us do, use it!! Tracking is SO important!! It's so easy to forget what you've eaten!

Tip #2 - This tip applies to the day before your weigh in. Say your weigh in is on Friday, you don't want to use 35 of your 49 week allowance the night before. Why?? Because extra food carries extra sodium or just the heaviness of the food and you could get on the scale and be up and this can be very frustrating!! Save all those points for another day. This only applies to the day before your weigh in. This will help you avoid a frustrating weigh in.

Tip #3 - Be careful of Sodium! I had a friend who was really excited to start her program and go to her Weigh in. She called me after her weigh in and she was very upset and she said "I gained 3 pounds"! I was surprised and asked her what was on her food journey the day before her weigh in. She said that her dinner the night before was canned sour krout and 2 hot dogs! That was over 1000 milligrams of sodium!! The next week she weighed in and she was down 5 pounds. Was she really down 5 pounds in one week? Probably not... she just took off the water weight she was up from the week before plus the weight she would have lost. Soups and pickles and canned vegetables all normally have a lot of sodium. So watch your sodium especially the day before weigh in and you will be much less frustrated with the scale
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