Friday, December 6, 2013

Break OLD Habits of Self Sabotage when you have a bad day with food & get back on Track!

Everyone struggles from time to time on any Weight Loss plan! Everyone gets off track & messes up! If your Human this will happen to you.. So... the most important thing that has helped me lose over 138 pounds is to get back on track immediately!!!

If you get a scratch on your new car do you take a hammer to it and finish it off?? No!! you get the little scratch fixed and move on!!
BREAK the habit of saying "Oh I messed up the whole day now I might as well keep eating" For example... I went to a Dinner and planned on staying on my program but there were so many delicious desserts, macaroni & cheese, macaroni salads, you name it, it was there... So I started off with a small plate of just a few things I liked. I felt satisfied but I WANTED more... so I went back and just started eating whatever I wanted. Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Beans, Cheesecake, and I ate it so fast I don't even remember what else I ate to even track it!

Then once I was literally so full and feeling sick it felt like I woke up and realized what I was doing and said "oh no what have I done???!!?" Then I felt upset and fat and OUT OF CONTROL because I was eating like (what I call) a Pig on Wheels!!

After Dinner was over and my Mom gave me a few plates of leftovers to take home... Hours later I'm home and I started thinking about the extra food in my refrigerator. It was calling me!!! I was no longer stuffed and I thought.. Hmmm I already cheated today so I might as well go eat those leftovers before the day is over. I went down to the fridge opened the door and looked at the food and realized "I am ONLY hurting myself if I eat this.. I've already consumed probably 2000 calories more than I should have..

Why do I want to add more? Why am I torturing myself with stupid food!?! It's JUST FOOD!! I then realized I was not helping myself by eating more but I was hurting myself. If you look at it that way it will help you in those moments where you want to over eat!
I took the leftover food (and don't tell my Mom) but I threw it all in the trash! After I threw it away I felt proud and accomplished.

I know it was a waste of food but why have it sitting there if it's going to call me every 5 minutes?? If I was strong enough to just say no that would have been one thing but "that day" in particular I just wasn't... and some days its just harder than others! So...I got back ON TRACK, grabbed some fruit and went to bed. When I got up the next morning I weighed myself and I was only up 1 pound! By the next next that pound was GONE plus a few ounces! Such a HUGE tip for anyone who is trying to lose weight is to GET BACK ON TRACK and your weight loss will continue!! Did something similar happen to you? What did you do? Plan what you will do next time!!!
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