Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This Challenge is for ONE week only and it's going to get us back to the basics and for some "back on track". We are going to do it together and lose some weight!  The rules are below. You will want to start the challenge when your new weigh in week starts.  If you've gotten off track you can begin tomorrow! Please watch the Youtube Challenge Video for all Challenge Information!

Challenge Rules:

1. We are going through one week without eating any of our "Weekly" Points allowance so for one week lets forget they exist. (just one week)
2. Eat your amount of points you are given for the day and NO more... If you get 28 Points per day that is all you will eat each day and not go over. 
3. Water - Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day (one in the morning before eating anything)
4. Fruits - No More than 3 Fruits per day and only one of them should be a banana. 
5. Vegetables - Fill up on "Zero Point"Veggies at each meal, there is no limit, eat them until you are full (There is a full list of zero point vegetables on my blog)
6. Measure everything you eat! If it's meat it must be weighed, if its coffee creamer use a Tablespoon to measure the serving accurately. If you take a bite of something it must be counted! Use your online tracker, a journal or a piece of paper to track your daily points!
7. Try to get in your Healthy checks as much as possible (oils, milks etc)
8. Try to get in a little exercise each day even if it's just a 5 minute walk.

**Note: Since everyone has different weigh in days we will keep the challenge going longer than 1 week. Challenge will end Wednesday March 25th. 

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