Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Vitamins I take Daily!

These are the two Vitamins I take daily. The Woman's one are AMAZING and have all your regular vitamins plus powdered organic vegetables. They also have probiotics that help with digestion. These are the only Vitamins I've been able to take on an empty stomach and not get nauseous. They are also high in folate. According to studies people who had anxiety had low folate levels.
This bottle will last you for MONTHS! The discount is half off. They are normally over $45.

These are the Omega 3 Vitamins I talked about in my most recent Video. As an added Benefit they have 1000 Milligrams of Vitamin D which is very important. Studies have shown people without enough Vitamin D are prone to depression among other things. As we know there are a million health benefits to taking the Omega's. I chose these because they are Lemon flavored so you never taste any fishy taste... Love these and they are only $8! 

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