Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Experience - Feeling fat in Dresses

When I was over 300 pounds I would NEVER wear a dress. I looked frumpy and felt bigger in them so I steered clear of them. Even at Weddings I dreaded going because I couldn't wear a dress. Everyone else could wear one and look all fancy and I did my best to dress up as much a I possibly could. Below are pictures of me at a Wedding years ago and another picture of me about 3 weeks ago. No one knew it but I felt very proud to be in my Victoria's Secret dress size Medium :) In the old picture I am wearing a size 26/28 and pants size 28. When I knew I was growing out of the clothes at  the Plus size store I knew I was in trouble but still I did nothing to change it. I will never go back there again!!! You can do it too!!

                          Picture of me at a Wedding years ago
Picture of me at a wedding a few weeks ago with my little buddy

My Sweet Buddy (Ring Bearer)

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