Saturday, March 26, 2016

Binge Eating

BEFORE YOU Overeat/Binge...

Think about..... 🤔

1. How tired you are of your clothes being tight!  😁
2. How ANNOYING it gets to not be able to wear anything you want! 😡
3. How quickly that food is down your throat, in your stomach and how it totally wasn't worth it!   😱
4. How GOOD you feel in the morning after a successful day of staying on track!  😍
5. How bloated and gross you feel afterwards 😫
6. When the overwhelming feeling is there to binge just STOP🚫, calm down, get out of the kitchen or where ever the temptation is and grab a cup of coffee or tea, veggies or fruit and relax.... ☕️🍎🍒🍓🍐🍊
7. If you continue to repeat refusing to binge and stop yourself it will get easier and easier to stop yourself the next time! 🤗
8. Staying on track gets you to your goals and YOU are.... SO COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!

                                             WW Girl

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