Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weight Loss Daily Checklist!

                      Weight Watcher Girl Daily Checklist!

Today…. did you?

____Drink 6 - 8oz cups of water? (if not, gulp one down while you are reading this) Studies
Show that drinking cold water speeds up your metabolism especially in the morning!

____Tell yourself you are going to be successful this time and nothing is going to stand in your way?
(if not, do it now!)

____Eat your fruits & veggies today?
(bulk up your meals with some veggies) Trust me, they are a filling lifesaver and good for you!
 **Be mindful about the amount of fruit you are having if your weight loss is not moving. I never have more than 3 to 4 Fruits daily)

____Track everything you ate?
(If not please do it now... if you don't track as you eat you might forget points that could add up to a gain)

____Eat something you were craving within your points allowance?
**Eating things you crave in small portions can really help you to stay on track!

____Take a Daily Vitamin?
(Try to find one that has probiotics in it as well like the ones on my blog. I love them. They even contain powdered vegetables)

____Have 2 Tsp of Healthy Oils?
(Try adding oil and balsamic vinegar to your salad. That is a very easy way to get in your healthy oils)

____Have at least 2 Servings of Dairy?
 (Dairy is proven to help assist the weight loss process!)

____Surrounded yourself with Motivation?
 (Watch motivational videos, read success stories, look at before & after pictures… You can do it this time!!)

____Remembered that you are a work in progress and each day you are becoming a better you!!


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