Thursday, May 8, 2014

When A child said to his mom "wow Mommy...she is fat...

I've struggled with weight issues ever since I can remember.... I remember being in the store one day shopping and this little kid said "Wow Mommy, that lady is fat!" I actually looked around to see who he was talking about and as I passed by a mirror... wearing a size 4X I realized he was talking about me.... There are people who will always stick by your side..... literally through thick and thin... one of those people for me is my amazing Sister who is my best friend.  One of my sad memories is that I couldn't be in her wedding because when it came to try on the bridesmaids dress I had gained weight...ALOT of weight... and there wasn't enough time to fix it. I just didn't "get it" back then..I just couldn't stick to any plan or program... Finally... I had to just START even though I didn't want to and stay on track every day... yes I had my bad days but I would combat a bad day with a perfect "next day"  I am so happy to be free of insecurities... free of over 155 pounds.... Just FREE!!! YOU can be free too! It just takes daily successful choices day by day and soon enough it just "clicks" and becomes a habit. Here I'm posting a picture of a before of me and my Sister and us together now.... I hope this gives you motivation! 

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