Sunday, June 1, 2014

10 Things Everyone should GIVE UP! *Weight Loss Motivation*

  1. Being Critical of Yourself (You are an awesome amazing person with so much to offer)
  2. Caring what others think of you (you know who you are, don't let anyone tell you different)
  3. Comforting yourself with food instead of dealing with the real issue (the comfort feeling is only temporary and truly hurts you.... it doesn't help you) You end up with feeling of guilt and extra pounds to deal with
  4. Fearing Failing on your weight loss plan 
  5. Not Starting your Weight loss plan because your worried you might fail (you will struggle, you will have hard times, you will have easy times you will learn to enjoy the journey but you will not fail
  6. Trying to "Please Others" For Instance (Just go off your plan for today.. you can start back tomorrow one day won't hurt.) Sabotage is no longer allowed! 
  7. Doubting Yourself - You have the strength to do this regardless whether you think so or not
  8. Procrastinating - The "I'll start Monday syndrome- Start now, start today, this very Moment! 
  9. Thinking Negative - Studies have shown that when you do the opposite (think Positive) you actually INCREASE the serotonin in your brain. ** Read my other blog post named "Repeat this Daily"
  10. Not pampering yourself - Start taking care of yourself today. Get your nails done, give yourself a facial (Watch my Video - "Pampering yourself while losing weight"
Click here to watch my Video on "Pampering Yourself while Losing Weight"
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