Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grocery Tote! Holds up to 30 Pounds of Groceries

Good Afternoon!!! I had a few subscribers ask that I make a Grocery totes that they can use each time they go to the Grocery store. I looked into it  and I have created one. Here are the details:

Each Tote is:
Quality Made
100% recyclable
Environmentally friendly. It decomposes in a landfill
Holds up to "30 pounds" of groceries

   I am only ordering a few for the subscribers that asked but if you would like one please comment below and I will order extras.
  They thought they would be great reminders while at the grocery store to watch what they are buying :) I will probably only order once since these are a bit pricey at ($12.99 plus shipping)  If you would like one please  comment below as I will be ordering tomorrow afternoon! See example below! Hugs!

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