Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update and Final Details on the Tote Bags!

UPDATE and Final Details!!! These are the Adorable Bags that a few subscribers asked that I make that they can use each time they go to the Grocery store. I looked into it and I have created one. You can use it for anything, not just groceries but Here are the FINAL details! I am still looking into water bottles as a lot of you have requested. 

 I want to get a more accurate count so all I ask is that you "like" this post and COMMENT how many you would like. 

***The Final Cost I came up with is $19.99 INCLUDING shipping! 

Each Tote is:
Quality Made
100% Recyclable
Environmentally friendly. It decomposes in a landfill
Holds up to "30 POUNDS" of groceries etc
Size - 12x13.5x7"

   I am only ordering a few for the subscribers that asked but if you would like one please like this post and you can simply comment below how many you would like! The response to these was OVERWHELMING and unexpected as to how many of you wanted one so I waited to order! 
  They thought they would be great reminders while at the grocery store to watch what they are buying :) I will probably only order once since these are a bit pricey. If you would like one please comment below as I will be ordering asap so I can have them by next week! See what they will look like below! Hugs!!

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