Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is the Refrigerator calling you?

Is the refrigerator calling you?? Are your points gone for the day? Grab a cup of decaf hot tea or decaf flavored coffee and a piece of fruit and turn off the kitchen lights! Tell yourself that the Kitchen is CLOSED! Make a "Kitchen Closed" sign and sit it on the counter top if you need to.

DON'T ruin a perfect day of staying on track with the night time munchies! Think about it...Is it really worth it??

Keep in mind that you just need to make it through the night and you will have a fresh set of points in the morning to use! Not only that you will be thinner in the morning! I LOVE waking up after a successful day. It just feels so good!  

Sometimes when I struggle at night I decide to do a facial mask... my Favorite is Glam glow. I am OBSESSED with it!  It tightens pores, smooths fine lines and it dries really tight.  You can't open your mouth to eat something if you tried! When you wash it off your skin is "glowing" and very soft and smooth! I always feel like I did something to improve myself and the feeling of overeating isn't as strong as it was. 

Other things you can do it Paint your nails or take a hot bath. Remember, pampering yourself boosts self esteem and will make you less likely to overeat. I also like to go online and simply browse clothing in the next size down.
  For me...I'm NOT trying to look Perfect... but I know I want to look good, feel good about myself and ROCK any jeans of my choice!


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