Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weight loss tip #6 - Find Motivation for Weight Loss!!

 Motivation is critical to weight loss! You have to ask yourself "Why do I want to lose weight"? What do I want to look like when I'm at my goal?  What will i look like ten pounds from now?  Do i want to be more  attractive? Do I want to be more healthy? Do I want to wear cuter clothes??
        Writing these things down can be very helpful and you can refer to them when you are struggling. A big event like a Vacation, a Wedding or Reunion can be great motivators. If you have no motivators like that, you need to come up with one. For instance.... Set small goals and reward yourself when you get there. I mean it! So I make small goals like five pounds at a time
   Once I lose the five I buy myself something small like a new lipgloss or a new cute coffee mug. Fifteen pounds I'll treat myself to a manicure or something like that. Anything to keep things fun and rewarding! If you have no motivation then weight loss is not going to be easy. Motivation makes things so much easier!! For me, I'm now down 160 pounds and honestly I started off motivated and then after a while it just became a habit. Now what I will do is buy cute jeans in a smaller size and hang them on my bedroom door and everyday I am reminded to stay on track! So find your motivation and get started!!!
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