Thursday, May 22, 2014

Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Quesadilla! Weight Watchers Points Plus - 5

La Tortilla Factory 80 Calorie Tortillas
2/3 Cup Apple Pie Filling (Sugar Free)
1 Packet WW Cream Cheese (or 2 Tablespoons Light Cream cheese)
(Optional- sprinkle confectioners sugar on top)

Lay your tortilla down and spread the cream cheese on one side of the tortilla
Dice up the apples into smaller pieces
Put the tortilla on the quesadilla maker and add the apple filling on top of the cream cheese
Now fold the tortilla over to close it
Now close the lid
Bake for 3 Minutes
The Entire Quesadilla is only 5 WW Points Plus!

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